Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Triplex Series

Maintain an open, flowing atmosphere in your home or office, even with closed doors. The Triplex line of modern interior doors are made with wood, MDF, and fused triplex glass, which has a frosty finish for the perfect balance of transparency and privacy..

Smart Series

Elevate your home decor and invest in premium craftsmanship with Nova Smart Modern Interior Doors. This curated collection of contemporary interior doors includes 22 stylish design options in white, grey, and wenge.

Stile Series

Stile line of modern interior doors demonstrates the beauty of layering and lining. There are 59 different design options to choose from, so it’s easy to find the single style or small collection of doors that perfectly fit your space and design preferences.

Laminated Series

Sturdy construction of the door and MDF material layered with Laminate makes this series a very heavy door in general.

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