Laminated Interior Doors Series

Nova Laminated Interior Doors series is an affordable option with over four hundred models to choose from and over two hundred different finishes in any size. Sturdy construction of the door and MDF material layered with Laminate makes this series a very heavy door in general. With MDF over wood, this series of doors is also a great choice when it comes to soundproof. For More Information Please Contact Us or find us on Facebook.

Features of Laminated Interior Doors:

  • Primed – Coating that needs to be painted on site.
  • Enamel Paint – 2 part paint process, thicker and more durable than traditional paint.
  • PVC – Durable Laminated Coating.
  • PPL – Scratch-resistant, thicker finish available in textured options.
  • Unfinished – Complete unfinished surface, needs to be primed, painted, or stained.
  • Wood Veneer – Available in the unfinished and pre-finished configuration.
  • Fibreglass – Man-made material used for exterior doors.