The curvy design of this pretty door lever will add a special touch to your home or office door. This Curve door handle features an eye-catching curved design that is just right for drawing emphasis to your modern door. It fits all standard U.S. doors and it can be installed for both right-handed and left-handed configurations to meet your specific requirements and door style. This design is very much like Modernus, one of the best-selling door lever types. It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for your peace of mind, and it has a concealed hardware design, so you never see the installation screws, only the beauty of the lever itself.

  • Reversible left or right handed
  • Concealed screws
  • 2 3/4 inch rosette
  • Fits doors 1 1/4 inch to 1 3/4 inch
  • Privacy / Passage
  • Dummy (Single Lever, Non-Functional)

Included with Privacy/Passage Option

  • Levers – 1 Set (2 handles – reversible left or right handed)
  • Concealing Plates – 2pcs
  • Backset Latch with Privacy Option – 1pc
  • Strike Plate – 1pc
  • Latch Faceplate – 1pc
  • Privacy Pin – 1pc
  • Adjustable Bolts – 2pcs
  • Screws – 4pcs
  • Plastic Dust Cover – 1pc
  • Installation & Replacement Manual – 1pc

Included with Dummy Option

  • Dummy Lever – 1 handle
  • Concealing Plate – 1pc
  • Screws – 6pcs
  • Installation Instruction – 1pc

Other Options

The latch is available in 2-3/8″ and 2-3/4″.
Strike Plate Available in Full Lip and T-Shape Option.