Triplex Series Interior Doors

Triplex Interior Doors,  Maintain an open, flowing atmosphere in your home or office, even with closed doors. The Nova Triplex line of modern interior doors is made with wood, MDF, and fused triplex glass, which has a frosty finish for the perfect balance of transparency and privacy. Weighing approximately 70 pounds each, the glass interior doors swing with a high-quality, weighted feel and offer just the right amount of soundproofing.

Browse 70 different models to find the single design that you love most or make a statement by pairing up similar designs. All of the lacquered interior doors have a sleek white UV paint finish that accentuates the brightness of the triplex glass and metal accents. Elevate your space with contemporary designs that inspire open thoughts and bright moments.

All Nova Triplex doors are proudly made in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty so you can purchase with confidence. For More Follow Us on Facebook.

Features of triplex interior doors:

  • Sleek white UV lacquered paint finish
  • 70 design options to choose from
  • Triplex Safety Glass
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • 3 Year Warranty