Nova Italia Interior Door Series

Italia Doors Series

The Italia Series interior doors offer class and quality in both design and function, with its rich colors and slim, vertical glass insert.  Proudly designed and assembled in the’s Premium Smart Core construction offers security and substantial sound dampening benefits.  For more information, please check Italia Series Features.

Italia Flush Interior Door Series

Italia Flush Doors Series

The Flush Series strikes a perfect balance between modern and classical design.  With four different color options and over 20 different model options, Flush Series is highly customizable to find the perfect fit for you and your home. To find the right Italia Flush Series door for your home, please  check Italia Series Features

Nova Triplex Interior Door Series

Triplix Doors Series

One of the most popular Nova Doors and Hardware interior doors, the Triplex Series maintains an open, flowing atmosphere, even with the door closed.  These modern interior doors are made of solid wood, MDF, and fused triplex frosted glass.  To find out more about the Triplex Series and all its features, click here.

Nova Glam Interior Door Series

Glam Doors Series

The Glam Series is the epitome of simplistic, beautiful design. With pure color and shine, the Glam Series is the top when it comes to clean, modern design for interior doors. The Glam Series demonstrates great versatility with its 59 design options. For more information, check Glam Series Features, and online support.

Nova Domino Interior Door Series

Dominos Doors Series

One of the most unique, innovative doors offered by Nova doors, the Domino Series is perfect for any vibrant home or a busy office.  These solid MDF doors are finished to look like realistic oak, with either grey or bleached oak options.  For more information please check Features of Dominos

Nova Laminated Interior Door Series

Laminated Interior Doors Series

The Nova Laminated Series is one of the more affordable options.  However, with over four hundred models and two hundred different finishes in each size, the Laminated Series is one of our best sellers. The endless options of model and finish ensure that you’ll find the style and design that speaks to you. To see more click here.

Nova Smart Interior Door Series

Smart Series

The Smart Series offers the height of contemporary design for any space.  With 22 stylish design options and customizable aluminum-like striping, these solid core doors are available in white, grey, and wenge. All the doors are coated with a premium finish that enhances luxurious color and delivers sophisticated, modern shine. Please Check the Features of Smart Series.

Nova Stile Interior Door Series

Stiles Interior Doors Series

The Stile Series offers over 59 design options. With slim, vertical frames defining the edges of the door’s design, this creates a central, eye-catching canvas for geometrical design innovation.  Thin, metallic striping accents offer subtle shadowed effects on the surface of the door. For More.

Inox Series Exterior Doors

Inox Exterior doors Series

Stile line of modern interior doors demonstrates the beauty of layering and lining. There are 59 different design options to choose from, so it’s easy to find the single style or small collection of doors that perfectly fit your space and design preferences.

Why Choose Nova Doors

Why Choose Nova Interior and Exterior Doors and Hardware when there are multiple companies with a similar product?

  • Over the years we make our product based on experience, not theory. For that reason, we know what we do and we do it best.
  • We offer a Lifetime warranty on hardware and a three-year warranty on wood products.
  • Nova offers any custom size/colour with the fastest turnaround in the industry.
  • Our product is built to last a lifetime and our great reputation is known very well in the industry.
  • There are much more reasons why us, not someone else and in order for you to find out you will have to try us and have the best experience ever.
  • We provide Installation guide for our all types of doors.

About Us

Nova is a Manufacturer of Doors and Hardware. Nova was established back in 2007 and worked very hard to build a great reputation in this industry. We manufacture overseas in multiple countries in Asia and Europe as well as the USA.

Our main distribution center and prefabrication shop are located in the State of NJ while our product can be found in most States and in Canada.

Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable top-quality doors and hardware products and offer an excellent service.

Our shop offers many different services to our customers going from custom resizes to any pre-rehung option that exists.

All of our retailers love to distribute the product because it’s affordable, great quality, has a very fast turnaround, and most importantly offers outstanding customer service.

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  • Customer Service

    Our professional customer service team works very hard helping customers all over the world to fit all needs.

  • Installation

    Installation of doors and hardware might be tricky, that’s why we offer multiple help such as instructions, videos, even phone consultation with professional tech.

  • Quality

    Quality Matters, and that’s the only thing we are after!

  • Deliveries

    Nova Offers Worldwide and Local deliveries in minimal lead times, and very fast turnaround on custom orders.

  • Warranty

    We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and 3 years on wood products.

FAQ’s is the best place to buy doors for your home and office because Nova provides a variety of design styles and the best prices in the USA.

NovaDoors provides all the best designs and styles of doors for your home, but to choose the best door is always a challenge. You need to check if the door is suitable for the weather in your city? Is it protected against the heat or the cold?  What kind of materials has been used? Don’t worry Novadoors will help you to choose the best doors for your requirements, consulting with you for free. We have steel doors as well as wooden and glass doors. All of our doors have a different pricing range to create the best fit for each of our customers.

We provide the best rates in the USA, with different varieties and styles of doors and for each category of doors, the price varies. Our prices begin at economy class and range to high class, making them perfect for your particular pocket. For more details, please connect to or visit your nearby store or send us an inquiry at Contact Us.

NovaDoors and hardware provide interior and exterior and hardware doors with a variety of styles, designed for homes and offices. We offer different categories according to your needs.

Yes! We care about our customer family and we provide online as well as personal after-sales guidance and support.

Yes! The Nova doors team provides you with full support and advice to make sure you chose the best doors for you. We also help you with an installation guide and full installation services.

No, there are no additional costs. All the cost information is provided at the outset.

NovaDoors has a good refunds policy. For more information please contact us.

All Nova Doors and its other products have a warranty, and you can find this information on our warranty page.

Yes, we have an installation guideline manual on our website, in pdf format.  It is well-written and you can download it for free. Please click here

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