Triplex Series

Maintain an open, flowing atmosphere in your home or office, even with closed doors. The Triplex line of modern interior doors are made with wood, MDF, and fused triplex glass, which has a frosty finish for the perfect balance of transparency and privacy..

Smart Series

Elevate your home decor and invest in premium craftsmanship with Nova Smart Modern Interior Doors. This curated collection of contemporary interior doors includes 22 stylish design options in white, grey, and wenge.

Stile Series

Stile line of modern interior doors demonstrates the beauty of layering and lining. There are 59 different design options to choose from, so it’s easy to find the single style or small collection of doors that perfectly fit your space and design preferences.

Laminated Series

Sturdy construction of the door and MDF material layered with Laminate makes this series a very heavy door in general.

Why Choose Nova!

Why Choose nova when there are multiple companies with a similar product?

  • Over the years we make our product based on experience, not theory. For that reason, we know what we do and we do it best.
  • We offer Lifetime warranty on hardware and a three-year warranty on wood products.
  • Nova offers any custom size/color with the fastest turnaround in the industry.
  • Our product is built to last a lifetime and our great reputation is known very well in the industry.
  • There are much more reasons why us, not someone else and in order for you to find out you will have to try us and have the best experience ever.

About Us

Nova is a Manufacturer of Doors and Hardware. Nova has been established back in 2007 and worked very hard to build a great reputation in this industry. We are manufacturing overseas in multiple countries of Asia and Europe as well as the USA.

Our main distribution center and prefabrication shop are located in the State of NJ while our product could be found in most States and Canada.

Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable top quality product and service.

Our Shop offers all kinds of services to our customers starting from custom resizes to any pre-rehung option that exists.

All of our retailers love to distribute the product because it’s affordable, great quality, very fast turnaround, and most important outstanding customer service.

  • Customer Service

    Our professional customer service team works very hard helping customers all over the world to fit all needs.

  • Installation

    Installation of doors and hardware might be tricky, that’s why we offer multiple help such as instructions, videos, even phone consultation with professional tech.

  • Quality

    Quality Matters, and that’s the only thing we are after!

  • Deliveries

    Nova Offers Worldwide and Local deliveries in minimal lead times, and very fast turnaround on custom orders.

  • Warranty

    We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all hardware and 3 years on wood products.

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